FrKeys XP

Accent software for Windows, from XP to Windows 10



This is the FrKeys documentation.

4 Keyboard shortcuts

4.3 The Edit Keyboard Shortcuts window

This window allows you to see what keyboard shortcuts are defined, and to add, modify and delete keyboard shortcuts.

To display the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts window, select ‘Edit keyboard shortcuts…’ from the FrKeys menu.

The Edit Keyboard Shortcuts window contains the following elements:

Edit keyboard shortcuts

Key/Character list
This shows all the keyboard shortcuts that are currently defined. It is empty if no keys have been associated with characters yet.
Pressing Shift gives capital letter
To save adding keyboard shortcuts for both lower case and capital letters (for example, Ctrl+E for ‘é’ and Shift+Ctrl+E for ‘É’), FrKeys can automatically give you the capital letter when you press Shift. If you want this to happen, tick this box. Some languages (such as Persian and Hindi) do not have capital letters; for these languages it may be more useful to turn this option off.
Click ‘Add’ to add a new keyboard shortcut.
Select a keyboard shortcut from the list, and click ‘Edit’ to modify an existing keyboard shortcut.
Select one or more keyboard shortcuts from the list, and click ‘Delete’ to remove them.
Click ‘OK’ when you have finished changing the keyboard shortcuts.
Click ‘Cancel’ to close the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts window without making any changes.