FrKeys XP

Accent software for Windows, from XP to Windows 10


Have you ever needed to type in a foreign language, but not known how to type the characters with accents?

Or do you find other ways of typing the accents inconvenient?

FrKeys makes typing accents—and even whole other alphabets—as easy as clicking a button with your mouse. (And if reaching for your mouse is too much work, you can even assign accents to keys on your keyboard!)

Picture of FrKeys window

The FrKeys window, shown above, remains visible on the screen whenever you’re using it. There’s no need to hunt around in menus, or change to a different program—and the FrKeys window is small enough not to cover up your work!

Need more than one language? No problem, FrKeys supports plenty—just bring up the menu and click on the language you want:

Picture of FrKeys window with menu

And if the languages that come with FrKeys aren’t enough, it’s very easy to add your own—a simple window guides you along:

Picture of FrKeys Change Characters window

Put FrKeys on your computer in five minutes flat! Visit our secure online shop.