FrKeys XP

Accent software for Windows, from XP to Windows 10



This is the FrKeys documentation.

2 Getting started

2.5 Using the FrKeys menu

To bring up the FrKeys menu, click on the FrKeys logo to the left of the ‘FrKeys XP’ title. The menu will appear:

The FrKeys menu

The following items are in the menu:

Change Characters…
Allows you to change the selection of characters displayed in the buttons.
Allows you to choose from the languages that FrKeys already knows about.
Edit languages…
Allows you to add more languages to FrKeys or modify the existing ones.
Enable keyboard shortcuts
Turns on keyboard shortcuts, if there are any for the selected language.
Edit keyboard shortcuts…
Allows you to modify the keyboard shortcuts currently available.
Large display
Makes the FrKeys window larger (or smaller again).
About FrKeys…
Displays information about the FrKeys program.
Restore default settings
Restores all of the FrKeys settings to the state they were in when the program was installed.
Choose this option when you have finished using FrKeys.