FrKeys XP

Accent software for Windows, from XP to Windows 10



This is the FrKeys documentation.

4 Keyboard shortcuts

4.4 The Edit Keyboard Shortcut window

This window allows you to enter a new keyboard shortcut, or to modify an existing one.

To display the Edit Keyboard Shortcut window, click ‘Add’ or ‘Edit’ in the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts window.

The Edit Keyboard Shortcuts window is based on the Change Characters window, with the following extra element:

Edit Keyboard Shortcut

Shortcut key
This is where you enter the key you wish to associate with a character. To select a key, simply press the key you desire. You can use any letter, number or punctuation key on the keyboard, or any function key. You can also use any of those keys with Shift, Ctrl or Alt (or any combination of those keys).