FrKeys XP

Accent software for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8


FrKeys—for individuals

FrKeys XP can be purchased online for £14.95, US$24.95 or €21.95.

Click here to buy FrKeys online!

The online purchase will allow you to download and install a fully functioning version of FrKeys on your computer, along with a comprehensive help file. You will not receive a CD. If you require a CD with FrKeys, you can purchase one for £20 from the suppliers below (or, of course, you can burn the downloaded executable onto a CD yourself for backup purposes).

FrKeys—for schools

A site licence—allowing use on all computers within a school—costs £60.

Discount for staff/students: In addition, staff and students at an institution that has purchased a site licence for FrKeys are entitled to a significant discount on the single-user price. Contact for details.

FrKeys XP can be purchased from:

Camsoft supply a wide variety of language-related educational software. Use FrKeys alone, or with their many other offerings!
Edhitec have expertise in installing software on RM networks and can provide support for setting up FrKeys on an RM network.

Prices do not include VAT.

FrKeys is eligible for e-Learning Credits—see the supplier pages above for details.

FrKeys—for other institutions

For questions about licensing for other institutions (e.g. companies, universities etc.), email .

Put FrKeys on your computer in five minutes flat! Visit our secure online shop.